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Saturday, January 31, 2009

omg...lots of projects ahead...i thought it was the end of learning festival n can rest abit le, but now still got geography newsletter and the dnt dunno wat thing. Phew lucky i got away from not doing compo... Elvis n I thought only need to do 100 words coz dateline is later but actually is on that day. So luckily it was peer editing, suppose to edit my compo first but since haven't complete yet so edit nicole one first. Iwas like wth so little mistakes then she still call me find harder say sure got mistakes but i dunno how she did it but she manage to find mistakes in her compo...impressive sia 0.0. So after that quickly chiong home finish compo then the next day also peer editing so nicole edit mine lor...but then mine got alot of mistake-.-...nicole very strict also, my first paragraph was like fully underlined with red pen coz of expression error=.= In the end when mdm J saw my compo got so many error , she call me go buy a assesment book, haiz more homework to do_._ Recently alot of people sick le, especially our class track pupils...get well soon eugene and sepentXD

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yo!!! Happy Chinese New Year eve everybody ;D. Chinese New Year is juz a doorstep away...Yippie XD anyone want me go visit them for chinese new year?...i want ang bao hor. Nah juz kidding:P. Shan't post any longer...yeah later got reunion dinner...Sweettt...haha my fridge now jammed with food until dun have light, at first thought fridge spoil wanted to call mum...haha

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow!!! Quite a lot of things happen this week:) Learning Festival wasn't that hectic afterall n i do not have to do the ilearn thing too coz my com cannot go in and mrs ang say ok...woots XD. 2nd day of learning festival was bridge making n i dunno y but our bridge manage to get in to the finals ?.? Our bridge at first cannot even withstand 50grams but when we turn it upside down...there was nothing to hold the cup but i dunno how or why but it manage to hold 400gram thanks to Sepent ;D...sigh but at the finals when i tried putting the 300gram into the cup...everything was all rite at first...the bridge was stable, but suddenly it gave way-.- and so did some other group. Luckily sheryl group manage to get 2nd in the whole level >] The lounig journey was like OkOk coz the newater plant was abit boring as most of our time spent there is to listen to the person talk=.= but at the bus quite fun coz bjorn, Sepent n me were like singing 'hot n cold' gay version and pokemon songs and the pasiris mangrove was much more funnn...saw some monkey crabs and mudskippers there n ltr when we went to interview...even funnier, Marcus gt scolded by a person...Hahaha...most of us went to play at the playground at pasiris...haha the swing was like swinging damn freaking high. Recently gt quite alot of people birthday...Happy birthday to those people 8] And i dunno why the heck but Jason keeps getting more and more irritating...he say he want to change for the better but he change for the worse...ah watever i dun bother about him, dun want later get fatter XD

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Saturday, January 17, 2009 is dead...:) This few days are so damn freaking busy no time to post. Monday still got the stupid e-learning thing....pfffts...i wish i could juz skip everything and juz plain relax...but i can't=.=damn it...i hate this school x.x

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long time never post le...recently abit busy no time post...haiz the open house was like okok lor. Some Sec 1 classes very chaotic while some very quite...quite hard to make them laugh and have fun=.= OMG still have to chiong art...MISS Lila tot very fun to find pictures one shot call us to find 35 pictures...anyway i also forgot nid to find wat pictures, gt to go ask other people XD. BB gt to go find art pictures le=)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

yay thursday friday coz got the cca selection thing then can skip class for 2 days:)Yippie XD Hope this year gt enough juniors or drama club really become "extinct" le....haha recently quite mad over the ponyo ponyo=) "ponyo ponyo ponyo...." gt to learn the full song+) Phew lucky our class english teacher never change to Mrs Nair or die le %)

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sian...nothing much to blog about today-.- I dunno why but everything juz seems to be boring to me...can't really find anything interesting. Today juz went to the CC to collect the merit bursary tingy and went to have dinner and now BACK!!!:) Hmmm...wat should i do to pass my time...haiz perhaps so revise history+.+

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Saturday, January 3, 2009 reopened in juz a flash. Holidays sure did end fast and saw quite alot of sec 1 yesterday...omg one of them look like gabrielli and i still when to beat him coz i tot he was gabrielli=.=so p.s....told him sorry and hurried off. Phew... lucky mrs ang call bjorn to sit beside me for the new sitting arrangement or i will die of boredom x.x Only a few teachers change but the splitting of classes for mother lessons change and at first abit confusing coz keep going different classes and the new chinese teacher quite funny...he keep ending his sentences with 'ah'...haha...jerfersen, su jie, marcus and me count how many times he said 'ah' until tired le...other lessons juz end off like usual:)

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yay 2009 is finally there has been a few festive seasons recently. First was christmas, then New Year and next at january...chinese new year:) cant't wait to go disturb my cousins;)and i wish everybody a happy new year tooo and hope all your new year resolution to come trueee XD. Tomorrow school start le, remember not to be late for school. Wonder what kind of Sec 1 pupils will we see next year=)

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