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Saturday, February 28, 2009

omg!!! wth..i dunno wat happen but now my blogskin suddenly change to tis damn skin, dunno wat happened man. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Fight on 1:32 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

T.T juz came back home n later still got to type out compo so shan't talk much today. Woots manage to win free bubbletea from stephanie coz me n marcus won stephanie n elaine tabble tennis on monday XD...haha but too bad for marcus he had not gotten his treat yet...hehe:) So later that aftertoon was more memorable coz had a food fight while having lunch in the market, luckily me n elaine nt really involve. It all begin when i was taking out my cucumber from my chicken rice, then marcus threw two cucumbers on my plate, then i pass him back his n my cucumber, so he threw to elaine which in the end was being pass from elaine to stephanie...and stephanie was lyk giving the-.- look then threw cucumbers at marcus which he in turn threw back at stephanie n it continued until stephanie wanted to throw the cucumber at marcus but it landed on the floor. Then she grabbed some ikan bilis from elaine plate and threw it at marcus n he eat it stephanie bu suang then go pour chilli and soy sauce into marcus drink of sprite so the drink was like red, black n white?-grosss. Marcus then spit into stephanie can of drink n futher pour chilli n soy sauce too into stephanie can of drink and stephanie pour his soup into his chicken rice and the rice was like filled with soup but marcus still continued eating...eee. An old auntie later come want to collect cans so stephanie poured all the 'contaminated' drink in the can into the my soup coz i nvr drink then pass the auntie the can but the soup was later like from white become black. I pity the cleaners that have to clean up our mess...sorry>.< Later on the road marcus still spitone ice on stephanie and she shouted a veri loud 'WTF'...omg sia, so hiong n this concludes our second food fight, we got a food fight before but not as bad as this.
And thanks elaine for the bar of bubble gum:]]] and atiqah u still owe me sweet hor...sigh many test recently, got to study sia...wish everyone good luck for the remainig and upcoming tests:)]}

Fight on 9:15 PM


About yourself.
Name:Melvin/Anson-watever u like
Age:13 for now..but u can think of one for me too XD
Birthday:i expect presents on 05/07:P

l Likes l
disturbing people...wahaha
hmmm...lemme see stil got wat..ahahah!!! spamming people's blogs like gabrieli's

l Dislike l
>:( computer getting virus...arghhh
=(failing tests
;(demerit points...eeeee

l urgent needsss!!! l
[]pokemon platinum
[]win one medal for march holiday national chess tournament
[]get into 3/5 next year
[]improve my math results


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